Software Design , Debugging and Further Development
PCB Fabrication
PCB Assembly Line
Pellets Stove Controller
Swing Gate Opener Controller
  Sliding Gate Opener Controller
  Wireless GPRS Modem
  Humidity Controller
  Power Supply adaptor
  2.4GHz Baby Monitor
  Gas Stove Controller
Embedded Software Design , Debugging and Further Development

Forrest has a electronic and software engineering team, our strength lies in the efficient development of products and systems. The complexity of the projects we take on extends from small concepts made of few elements to highly developed networked multiple processor systems. We participate in all the stages of the development of a new product. Starting from the product idea via the support of your development team to the redesign of existing products to be enhanced with the latest technology and functions - we are your partner.

Your requirements determine the task and our course of action. We offer you high competence in the domains of software development. Our engineers show you possible solutions and realise products for:

Embedded Systems (Microcontroller/DSP)
Wireless communication
Battery/power management
Analog/digital electronic


Software Development

Embedded PIC microprocessor development in C or assembly language using the Microchip C Compiler or CCS C Compiler.


Experience with developing software for Microchip product lines including: PIC10/16/18/24


Experience with Silicon Labs microcontrollers and using the Keil Compiler or Hi-Tech C PRO Compiler.


Experience with driver development for embedded systems using Visual Studio, IAR embedded workbench


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