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Express PCB, PCB fabrication and prototype making


Forrest provides high quality PCBs at the most competitive prices. Our PCB manufacturing facilities suit your design needs in a very wide range. As an ISO certified PCB manufacturer, we commit to our customers a variety of unique services from small quantity prototype PCB to volume PCB Production. You will enjoy the quality and the low prices at the same time.
Rigid PCB
1 ~ 20
Material: FR4, CEM-3, CEM-1
Copper weight: Cu 1 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz
Mask color: Green, Yellow, Bloack, Blue, Red.White
Silk color: White, Black, Yellow
Surface finish: HASL, OSP, immersion gold, immersion silver, gold plating
Min Trace/Space: 5 mil (0.127 mm)
Min hole: NPTH-0.25 mm/PTH-0.20 mm
Thickness: 0.1~3.2 mm
Max size: 18"x24" (610x405 mm)
Standards: IPC-600 (Class II)

Flex PCB
Layers : single side, suspend single side, double side, 3 & 4 layer, rigid-flex pcb
Material : Polyimide (PI), Polyester(PET), Polyethylene(PE)
Copper type : Roll-annealed copper (RA), Electro-deposited copper (ED)
Surface cover : Polyimide, Polyester, UV-cured mask, Ink, Silver paste
Surface plating : Ni-Au plating, Sn-Pb plating, HAL, Immersion Ni-Au, Sn deposition, OSP.
Stiffener type : Polyimide, PET/PEN, Aluminum board, FR4, PSA
Min Trace/Space : 5 mil (0.127 mm)
Min hole : NPTH-0.25 mm / PTH-0.2 mm
Copper thickness for PTH : >0.018 mm
Standards : IPC/JPCA-6202

Quick- turn Prototypes / Short Run & Mass Production / make pcb(PCB making)
Competitive Pricing for Layer 1 to 24
3 Mils Lines & Spacing
Mixed Material / Dielectrics Board
High Frequency & Aluminum Base Board etc
Mass Production Capacity : 400K Sq Ft/Month
making printed circuit board / multilayer pcb / electronics manufacturing
pcb etching / pwb making / pcb rework / flexible printed circuit board
For Applications:
  Gold HandPhones PCB FAXCard PCB
  PDA PCB Gold Bluetooth PCB
  Flexible PCB Gold Double side control PCB
  Gold_Multilayer Gold Flash PCB
Prototype, Small volume to Mass Productions
Mass Production Capacity : 100K Sq Ft/Month
Quick-Turn Prototype to Small Volume to achieves JIT delivery
Thru-Holes & SMT Technology
PCB PWB Rework or ECN
Standard Material : Chem 1 - 3, FR1 - FR4
Rogers Material : 3003, 3010, 4003, 4350, 5800 etc
Arlon Polymide : 25N/25FR/85N etc
Getek ML200 DSS
High Tg : ISOLA - FR406, FR408, Polymide P95 (Tg 260) etc
Nelco N0006, 0007, 0013, N4105-6 etc
Risholite G-11 CS3965 (Tg 190)
Others Materials are also welcome


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